A screen room is an excellent way to enjoy warm weather months without dealing with the negatives. With a screen room, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air and a nice breeze, without being bitten by annoying insects. A screen room also offers protection for your furniture, something that the outdoors never offers. When you add a screen room to your house, you never have to worry about inviting guests over. If the weather takes a turn for the rainy, simply move your party indoors and continue on with the fun.Adding a screen room makes your home more livable at the same time increasing your social options immensely. It’s a real treat to invite people over on a nice warm night for drinks or food.

An example of a great screen room. House Springs, MO

We’re Experts at Constructing Screen Rooms

Feel confident that Deck & Fence Services is well positioned to construct your ideal screen room. We’ve been in the business of designing and constructing screen rooms in the St. Louis area for many decades. Our staff is dedicated to making your screen room the beautiful addition you desire it to be.We have screen room experts standing by to assist you with your project. They are very knowledgable about every element related to designing and building a truly stunning and useful screen room.

The Screen Room Area We Service

We are able to design and construction screen rooms for any client within a 75-square-mile radius from St. Louis. This includes communities and cities on the MO/IL border, including House Springs, MO


Screen rooms are attractive additions that make the exterior of your house look better.


Having your own screen room means you can enjoy many poor weather days that used to be wrecked by rain or bugs. You can move your good times indoors if the weather starts to take a turn for the worse. It’s really relaxing enjoying your screen room on a lazy summer day or evening.

Why You Should Pick Us to Design and Install Your Screen Room

Our business is locally-operated and family-owned. We’ve been serving St. Louis and surrounding areas for decades. When you’re looking to add the finest possible screen room to your home, we are here to help.Screen rooms add instant additional livability to your home while offering a nice return on your investment when you wish to sell your property. This new addition will provide your guests and close family members with shelter on days that might otherwise be spoiled due to weather.We provide local residents with stable jobs. When you select us as your vendor you’re helping the local business community and people who make up the economy in Greater St.Louis.

We are confident that we will always exceed local building regulations with our projects. We proactively find out which codes and regulations must be followed in your area and then we exceed them.We also offer no-interest and low-interest financing options on screen rooms for qualified applicants. This option makes flat-rate and affordable monthly payments a possibility.Our employees are screened for drug use as we maintain a drug-free work environment. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded in Illinois and Missouri.