Wood fences are one of the most popular fencing materials for people who want to increase security and privacy around their residence or place of business. Wood fencing is a beautiful and durable fencing material that offers consumers plenty of options for designing a fence that meets their custom requirements.Solid wood fencing is helpful for marking property lines and creating a barrier to keep people from wandering through your yard. If you have an outdoor pool, a higher wooden fence prevents people from entering your pool area or snooping.

We Offer a Wide Range of Wood Fencing Options

When you are thinking about having a custom wood fence installed at your property in the Greater St. Louis area, Deck & Fence Services are the leaders in wood fence design and installation services. Our company offers only the best quality wood fence design and construction, so you and your family can enjoy the benefits of this upgrade for many years to come.When you need to increase the privacy and security of your property, we are the company to call for your fencing needs.


Wood fencing is one of the most classic fencing materials in use today. Styles of fences we install include Stockade, Regular Point, Gothic Point, Single Convex, Regular Point, Concave, and Convex, just to name a few.

Natural Material

A fence made of wood is biodegradable material that does not damage the environment.

We Service The Greater St. Louis Area

Our service area includes St. Louis and other communities within a 75-mile radius of our offices. This extends to past the MO/IL state border line.

We Value Your Fencing Business!

We value the business of all our valued clients. If you are looking for professional wooden fence installation, you can rely on our company to deliver on your project. We are a family-owned business that has focused on providing the fencing and decking needs of the Greater St. Louis area for many years.We’re here to help value to your property by building your new wood fence to your specifications. Our wood fencing products are high quality and designed to last. We uphold the highest construction standards to make sure that your wooden fence stands the test of time.Our company understands the importance of adhering to local zoning and building code laws.

Prior to beginning any project, we will check to make sure that your proposed project is in compliance with your local laws.To make your fencing project more affordable, we offer no-interest and low-interest financing to homeowners and business owners who qualify for the program.When you trust us to install your wood fence, you have the peace of mind knowing that we are bonded, licensed, and fully insured to do business in Illinois and Missouri.We are a drug-free employer.