A custom patio is a high value addition to any property. Patio areas offer people useful outdoor space that allows them to enjoy their privacy and the beautiful weather at the same time. When we refer to a custom patio, we mean just that. You can customize your patio as you see fit. This empowers you to create a literal oasis that serves as important social hub and relaxation area.The time has come for you to plan the construction of a custom patio that will be the envy of all who see it. This valuable investment in your property will have a positive return while bringing you great joy for decades.

Leave Your Custom Patio Project to Us

Custom patio projects are something that we at Decks & Fence Services have been doing successfully for decades. We are experts when it comes to every face of custom patio design and construction. Join the many customers who have entrusted us with this important home improvement. When you see the finished project, you’ll be ecstatic you did.Our company has a staff of custom patio experts who can assist you with all the elements that go into creating an amazing patio. If you can supply the vision of what you want your patio area to look like and accomplish, we can turn it into reality.We’re passionate about working with commercial developers, business owners, and homeowners who hire us to create functional and elegant outdoor spaces that greatly enhance the exterior or any business or home.

Areas We Service for Custom Patios

Our custom patio construction and design service is offered to commercial real estate developers, business owners, and homeowners who are located within a 75-mile radius of Greater St. Louis. This includes even cities and communities that are on the MO/IL state border.


A custom patio offers elegance and functionality that really adds to your property’s curb appeal.


A custom patio really extends the usability of your outdoor area in the nice weather months. A patio is a versatile space that can be used to entertain or for whatever purpose you need it for.

Why You Should Pick Us to Design and Install Your Screen Room

Our business is locally-operated and family-owned. We’ve been serving St. Louis and surrounding areas for decades. When you’re looking to add the finest possible screen room to your home, we are here to help.Screen rooms add instant additional livability to your home while offering a nice return on your investment when you wish to sell your property. This new addition will provide your guests and close family members with shelter on days that might otherwise be spoiled due to weather.We provide local residents with stable jobs. When you select us as your vendor you’re helping the local business community and people who make up the economy in Greater St.Louis.

We are confident that we will always exceed local building regulations with our projects. We proactively find out which codes and regulations must be followed in your area and then we exceed them.We also offer no-interest and low-interest financing options on screen rooms for qualified applicants. This option makes flat-rate and affordable monthly payments a possibility.Our employees are screened for drug use as we maintain a drug-free work environment. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded in Illinois and Missouri.