When you want to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home, a custom sunroom is one of the best ways to do it. The beauty part of a custom sunroom is that it brings in the positive points of the great outdoors without any of the negatives. You get to enjoy the sun, but without high wind, bugs, or temperatures that are just too hot. Adding a custom sunroom to your property instantly raises the property’s appeal and value.One of the biggest advantages that a custom sunroom has over the outdoors is that you use your best furniture in it, something you’d never consider doing outside. Building a custom sunroom for your home creates a space that the whole family and any visitors will really enjoy.

We Create Unique and Beautiful Custom Sunrooms

You can trust Deck & Fence Services to build your next sunroom because we’ve been designing and installing these beautiful additions in St. Louis and surrounding areas for decades. We work with you every step of the way to create a lasting addition that you will absolutely adore.Our staff is comprised of custom sunroof experts who understand every facet of designing and construction these additions.

Our Custom Sunroom Service Area

We design and construct sunrooms for clients within a 75-mile radius of Greater St. Louis. This includes cities and communities on the MO/IL border.


There are few home improvements that can be made that will rival a custom sunroom for the amount of beauty they add. Sunrooms boost your home’s visual appeal instantly and permanently.

Year Round Enjoyment

A custom sunroom quickly becomes a cherished center of activity for everyone who lives or visits your home. During the spring, summer and fall seasons you’ll appreciate just how relaxing this particular home improvement really is.

Why We’re the Perfect Choice for Your Custom Sunroom Project

We are a family-owned and locally operated business that takes great pride in serving St. Louis and surrounding areas. For decades, we’ve faithfully served customers who are interested in constructing the finest custom sunrooms possible. Sunrooms are a home improvement option that offer a significant return on investment while simultaneously improving the quality of life for the home’s residents. For this reason, you must select a vendor with utmost care. Your sunroom will become a major part of your family’s life for decades to come.When you choose us, not only are you ensuring that your sunroom will exceed your expectations, you are also helping to contribute to a strong local economy in St. Louis. We offer stable jobs to local people thanks to our loyal customers.

We always comply with local building regulations. We do this by proactively finding out what codes and regulations we must follow. When we plan the job we make sure to exceed those requirements so our clients never run into any problems.We are committed to timely and safe construction projects. We follow the best practices of the home industry to insure our construction jobs place an utmost premium on safety.You may qualify for our low-interest or no-interest financing for your custom sunroom. This would enable you to pay flat and affordable monthly payments if you wish.We maintain a drug-free workplace and we are licensed, bonded, and insured in both Missouri and Illinois.