Cedar fences have long been a top choice for business owners, homeowners, and commercial developers who are looking to enclose an outdoor area with an elegant and durable fencing.Investing in a cedar fence is a sound home improvement that greatly enhances the value of your property.Cedar has long been used for fence building because it’s an extremely durable and attractive material.The grain and tone of cedar is pleasing to the eye, which always makes it a good material for creating aesthetic value.Investing in a cedar fence will instantly boost the overall property value while increasing security. Fences are helpful for controlling foot traffic while adding an elegant feel to the exterior of your property.

We Design and Build High-Quality Cedar Fences

Deck & Fence Services has been installing long-lasting, beautiful cedar fencing in the Greater St. Louis area for decades. Designing and constructing cedar fencing is our passion. We’re here to help our clients acquire the absolute best fencing for the money.There’s never a problem matching your new cedar fence with the look of your current property because cedar complements just about all types of structures.

We are total experts in the field of cedar fencing. Our experienced and professional staff helps commercial developers, homeowners, and business owners get the most out of their cedar fence projects every time. We’re ready to start on your project right now.


Cedar is a completely biodegradable material that cannot hurt the environment.


Cedar fences have remained popular, despite the introduction of many alternatives because this material makes for an extremely attractive finished fence. Adding a cedar fence is one of the quickest ways you can instantly boost the curb appeal of any property.


Cedar fencing has been a stalwart for centuries because the material resist shrinkage and warping. Cedar fences last for decades while maintaining their visual appeal long after alternative fence materials have started to show their age. Cedar does not require chemical treatments because it contains its own natural oils that helps prevent infestation by bugs and rotting.

Areas We Service For Cedar Fencing

Our service area extends in a 75-mile radius from St. Louis and includes communities and cities that are located on the MO/IL border.

Why Work With Us For Your Cedar Fence Needs

When you choose our family owned home improvement business over larger retailers, you are supporting an independent company that’s dedicated to serving the local area with the best products and services.To offer our valued clients superior products, we are mindful of trends and innovations in the home improvement industry. We regularly review our product offerings to make sure we are on the cutting-edge home improvement products and services.We work hard to make sure our customers are pleased with our work. In our years of business, we’ve adopted the motto that we’re not happy until our customer is completely satisfied with our finished product.

We work with trusted suppliers so we offer our customers only the best products and home improvement services. We strictly adhere to all local building codes and zoning laws, so our clients do not have issues with their project.We offer well-qualified applicants the option to finance their project. Our low-interest and no-interest financing options help make your home improvement projects more affordable by breaking it into affordable monthly payments that are paid over time.We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to provide home improvement services in Missouri and Illinois. All of our employees are screened for drug use and have background checks completed prior to employment.