The Advantages to Installing a Deck

Although installing a deck onto your home may seem like a major project, there are major benefits to doing so. With the help of a decking company, you can create a beautiful place to relax outside. A deck can also serve as a gathering place for your family to enjoy special memories together.

If you’re considering installing a deck onto your home, consider the following benefits.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you choose a natural wood or composite finish, your deck can add an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home.

Decks come in a variety of colors and finishes. With all of the design options, you can likely paint or stain the deck to complement your home’s current design. For instance, many homeowners will match the color of their deck with the color of their window shutters. When you coordinate your deck with your home’s design, you can create an exterior design that looks both natural and appealing.


In addition, you can also place decorations on your deck that will further complement your home’s design. For example, you may choose to add lights or garlands around your deck to create a peaceful environment where you can relax on those warm, summer nights.

Boosts the Value of Your Home

If you are looking for an affordable way to boost the value of your home, a deck is a great option. In fact, some experts claim that installing a deck can increase the value of your home by more than if you were to add another bathroom or living room. Also, decks are normally much more inexpensive to add to your home than these other home renovations.

The cost of installing a deck will largely depend on the size of the deck and material you use. However, most homeowners will recoup nearly 70% of the cost to build a deck after they have sold their home. Keep in mind that the higher-quality materials tend to last longer and appeal to more homebuyers.

In fact, many homebuyers prefer homes with decks in the backyard, especially if the deck was professionally designed. Decks provide a clean, outdoor space that can particularly appeal to home buyers with families.

Increases Square Footage

Another reason why decks are so popular is that they can increase the square footage of your home. During the warmer months, a deck can essentially extend the usable space of your home for activities like eating, relaxing, and cooking on the grill.

When you add patio furniture, bird feeders, and potted plants, decks also provide a place to enjoy nature on your property. Most decks have usable space underneath them as well. This area is an ideal place to store outdoor equipment that may otherwise clutter your yard or garage.

Provides a Place to Host Parties and Family Get-togethers

Decks are also a great place to throw summer parties, barbeques, and family get-togethers. Guests can visit with each other while enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. And decks enable you to better utilize your yard space, so guests can have more places to relax or play games.

You may want to add additional features to your deck to better host your guests, such as lighting, a grill, or built-in kitchen. You may even consider adding an outdoor fireplace.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, contact a deck contractor to help you design and build the perfect deck for your needs. For more information about deck maintenance or installation, contact the decking professionals at Deck and Fence Services for assistance. We’d be happy to discuss your questions or concerns.